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"Hello, my name is Fred, and I am an MCA teacher who brings a fresh new approach to preparing you for your MCA Oral Exam" 


There is no denying it, I'm a slightly unusual teacher - who likes using crazy props and tactics to make you learn - however I blame this on my passion, and my passion for you to pass. 

I know your challenges as I worked in the yachting industry for 15 years; firstly starting on sailing boats and then moving across to the dark side, power. During my time as relief Captain I began teaching OOW modules at UKSA. This allowed me to move back ashore with my family and pay tax again. It was here talking with my students that the idea of “Fred’s Oral Prep” courses began.

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Having completed all my OOW/Master 3000gt Yacht in the new system (and struggled) I personally understand the difficulties faced with undertaking the oral examination. And as one of the only MCA teachers from a yachting background, I saw the need in our industry to create a fresh new approach.

I also wanted to create something which not only makes you pass the exam, but makes you a confident and capable OOW or Captain. 

I take my pass rates seriously - therefore I do not diversify and concentrate solely on the Yacht OOW and Master courses to keep the quality and results extremely high. With MCA pass rates at approximately 53% per year, there is no room for error. I believe in quality not quantity, and not wasting anyone’s time – so have personally designed bespoke courses to cater for my fellow super yacht crew. 

In short I have created something I would have liked all those years ago.

As a self confessed computer geek I have also tried to bring it into the 21st century with my personally written eBook, kindle, YouTube channel, online quizzes, videos, iPad and various Apps on the apple store. 

Together, with my wife Emma (the not so silent partner) we will also take care of all the little things, as we know how hard and busy life at sea is.  


Some of the things we provide

  • Young"ish" yacht captain with Master 3000gt

  • Psychology degree (would you like fries with that) and 15 years experience working in the yachting industry

  • Freelance MCA teacher – so up-to-date and current

  • Immersive courses (2 weeks) - Max 4 candidates, for optimum results

  • Unique preparation study kit - Ebook/kindle/iPad/Videos/Fred's App's from the apple store

  • Online knowledge testers to ensure efficient study 

  • Blended learning - not everyone learns at the same speed and in the same way

  • Up-to-date study notes

  • Mock exam – with an independent source identifying your strengths and weakness (recorded so you can learn from it and also see how good you look in your suit)

  • Teach with Mac equipment/tech savvy

  • Obtain props the examiners use

  • Help you with exam techniques and how to respond

  • Provide awesome purpose built accommodation creatively named "Fred's House" 

  • Book your exam at one of my “preferred” exam centres

  • Personal tailor on the island for your suit needs

  • Distant Learning - available via Fred's iPad App

  • Personally designed apps to help you study effectively

  • Decent coffee machine/fast internet/soft pillows etc etc - all the little things that make a big difference

Some of the teaching props and aids I use