OOW Distance Learning Prep Course

Who is it for?

Someone who cannot make it to my prep course due to logistics, dates, boat schedule etc or someone who likes studying alone - you do have to be extremely self-motivated.  This is not your typical "distance learning" course as you will have an exam booked and my full support along the way with 2 x 2 hour mocks. I also only do a maximum 4 students per month, so again committed.

Duration: Self-study

It’s my full prep course recorded and then displayed on an iPad with quizzes and my personally written 342 page hardcopy of fully updated notes.


How does it work?

Initial Chat
Once you have your NOE, I ask you to do an initial quiz to allow me to identify your strengths and weaknesses and to make a plan that will work! We then have a chat on Skype to find the right exam centre and make sure we are on the same page.

6-8 weeks before your exam I send you pre-reading in the form of a kindle/my personal OOW eBook/study list/quizzes/Fred's quiz app from the apple store, to make sure you have the right tools to study effectively and efficiently. I then track your progress with online quizzes, to make sure you are focused and prepared. 

Once you have reached a strong level with the pre-study I then send the iPad approximately 2-3 Weeks before your exam. Within the iPad/App each section is broken down into chapters and follows the complete syllabus with quizzes at the end to monitor your progress - almost 34 hrs of video, 458 built in quizzes, flashcards and past papers. We post it to you fully loaded along with hard copy notes. This allows me to make sure you always have the most up-to-date version of my notes, videos and past papers. 

(Please be aware you need a minimum 2 weeks off the boat and studying full time with the iPad before your exam - its a huge amount of content)

Mock Exams
Once you have completed the iPad we then arrange two mocks, either over Skype or in person - lets see if I can find any weaknesses!

Personally I think it might even be better than my original one week prep course as I have time to give more information, I know I haven’t missed anything and you have the advantage of rewinding and pausing me! I have designed it to be a complete package, not just a "general" course that I send and then forget about you. I continuously monitor you and make sure you are on track.


  • Fred's current "what to study" list sent on sign up

  • Kindle - my personally written OOW eBook that works through the syllabus, including my source material - sent approximately 2 months before the course

  • Quiz app from the apple store - sent on sign up

  • Online quizzes – sent at various intervals to make sure you are studying efficiently

  • Book your exam on your behalf – we track exam centres and provide cover letters to take the stress away

  • Fred’s iPad – It took 6 months to create and has my entire course within an iPad with 38 hours of video (thats like watching 20 movies!) and 489 quizzes

  • Best teaching equipment – Apple of course

  • Fred's study notes - approx 400 pages – I update continuously

  • Mock exams – with myself - I make the experience as real as possible.

  • Exam techniques - with a degree in psychology I perfect your responses and make sure you use keywords the examiner needs to hear

  • Past exam papers – up-to-date

  • Support during and after - Not only will I support you during this process, but my wife will help with all the other little things. As a previous chief boat stewardess/flight purser she understands the constraints of trying to organise your courses/travel/accommodation/immigration letters/suit/cover letters etc so will be there to help