OOW Super Prep Course

Who is it for?

Someone who is serious about passing their OOW 3000gt (Yacht) - First Go!


Maximum 4 students

This course has been specially designed due to feedback from my original 1 week course. Crew told me they wished they had longer to absorb all the information and practice with the study props within the house - hence my two week course was born. As we know everyone learns differently and at different speeds, the syllabus is huge and the content important - so have designed a super immersive blended 2-week OOW course.

How does it work?

Firstly I send you pre-reading in the form of a kindle/my personal OOW eBook/study list/quizzes/Fred's quiz app from the apple store etc, to make sure you have the right tools to study effectively and efficiently. I then track your progress with online quizzes, to make sure you are focused and prepared. 

"Fred's House" - Lock down
You are then fully immersed within "Fred's house” with all the various study props and up-to-date publications. Now let the fun beginning - Rules, lights buoyage and chart work - the primary responsibility of the OOW. I have designed a structured lesson plan following the syllabus from A-Z and teach with a mixture of methods (visual, auditory, verbal, physical, logical, social, solitary and torture) so its embedded. I also allow down time to catch up with your personal study, which includes the famous iPad/App. The last few days are then spent perfecting your knowledge with up-to-date past papers and then to have a mock exam at the Cowes Harbour Commission with an independent examiner making sure you can deliver.

Exam - PASS! - Done

More detailed information below…

  • Fred's current "what to study" list sent on sign up.

  • Kindle - my personally written OOW eBook that works through the syllabus, including my source material - sent approximately 2 months before the course.

  • Quiz App from the apple store - sent on sign up.

  • Online quizzes – sent at various intervals to make sure you are studying efficiently.

  • Provide great accommodation - We have found that most students not only learn better but prefer to stay in accommodation together. We want you to be comfortable, as know the importance of a good nights sleep and a great study environment. Therefore we have recently sourced and renovated "Freds House" a 4-bedroom/2 bathroom/5 toilets/2 teaching room house. Its conveniently situated 1/2 mile from Cowes Redjet Ferry Terminal/High Street. The house is available from Sunday-to-Sunday, thus allowing everyone to settle in the night before and taking full advantage of my study props without feeling rushed. Also as my wife was a chief stewardess, we also have Egyptian sheets/towels, coffee machine, bullet blender, fast internet, printer, washing machine/iron, personal desks in room, welcome pack and lots more to make your stay hassle free. This is purposely designed for super yacht crew.

  • Book your exam on your behalf – we track exam centres and provide cover letters to take the stress away.

  • Fully immersive and personal – We teach a maximum of 4 students in a fully immersive environment. Another benefit is that you waste no time commuting between the classroom – I teach from your accommodation so your precious time is utilised.

  • Fred’s iPad – to be used for additional study during the course. It took 6 months to create and has my entire course within an iPad with 38 hours of video (thats like watching 20 movies!) and 489 quizzes. Should you miss something in the day, or like to test your knowledge, the iPad app is a great way to recap.

  • Best teaching equipment – Apple of course, plus all the up-to-date props the examiners use. I also have a 3D printer for no reason.

  • Fred's study notes - approx 400 pages – I update continuously.

  • One dedicated teacher (Me) who keeps continuity in teaching style.

  • Mock exam – With Fred, it’s not pretty. We also record your mock exam to allow you to see your bad habits.

  • Learning as an individual, together and one-on-one – everyone learns in different ways and I have allowed for this. However as this is an oral exam, we also need to practice projecting ourselves vocally.

  • Blended learning whilst covering the A-Z of the syllabus – due to student feedback, I have days scheduled in for you to recap and study – it’s a huge amount of information to take in all at once so have catered for this. It also gives you time to play with all my various props/App/teaching aids and up to date publications.

  • Exam techniques - with a degree in psychology I perfect your responses and make sure you use keywords the examiner needs to hear.

  • Past exam papers – up-to-date.

  • Support during and after - Not only will I support you during the teaching process, but my wife will help with all the other little things. Also should you do the unthinkable (sorry will not even say the word) we will provide you with my distance learning course for free and book another exam.