Does it Work and How Many Pass?

Real and honest statistics - ask my own students how many passed on their course! 

Immersive Students OOW/Master 500/3000gt

2015 - 5 fails out of 136 students  - 96%        1 not re-sat

2016 - 4 fails out of 88 students - 95 %         All now passed 

2017 - 0 fail out of 60 students -100%           

2018 -  4 fails out of 128 students -97%              till Dec 2018


Distance Learning

(2016-2018) - Distance learning Students 5 fails out of 134 Students - 96% only 1 guy who has not re sat and passed so far! 

Take note - MCA pass rates for the year are approximately 53% (slightly more for Master) therefore our pass rates are excellent! 

I started Fred's Oral Prep in January 2014. Having come from yachts where we are use to providing exceptional service, I wanted to produce the same for my own ventures. Hence I teach small customised classes with attention to detail.  What matters to me is the quality not the quantity hence the introduction of the 2 week super course. 

Yes it works!

If you want to pass, and can take the pressure from me to keep my high percentage, then why wait, send me an email! 

I do insist that you read my Kindle from start to finish prior to arrival and that you do my online quizzes. Just because I have excellently pass rates does not mean this is an easy exam - its hard, people fail and you need to study hard.