I asked the following question to both the PYA and Nautilus:

“I am about to apply for the NOE but I am not a member of the PYA how do I do it? I have a discharge book and sea service testimonials, what is the best plan and how long will it take?”

Answer - PYA


Members of the PYA receive unlimited sea service verification as part of their subscription to the association. The cost of joining the PYA as a full member is €175.00 per year.

The PYA is now also approved by the MCA to verify sea service for non-members, for which there will be a charge of €50 per testimonial. Both members and non-members can upload their sea service testimonials directly to a secure online area, where they can log in to see the status of verification for each period of sea service.


MIN 543 requires compliance with quality management protocols which make the processes undertaken on its behalf now subject to strict audit and control measures by the MCA. The PYA has been authorised and audited by the MCA to verify sea service on its behalf for 23 years – no other verifying organisation has this track record. If there are problems with your sea service, our highly experienced team are able to assist you and solve any problems, ensuring that everything is ready for your application.


You can either join online at www.pya.org or you can complete an application form and return it to office@pya.org . The cost is €175.00 per year.

In order to complete your application and issue your Service Record Book, you will need to submit the following accompanying paperwork. With the exception of the passport photos, which must be provided by post or in person as a hard copy, the other documents can be emailed or uploaded to the website.

·       2 actual hard copy passport size photos

·       Copy of professional CV

·       Certified copy of passport

·       Certified copies of qualifications certificates (include all pages of CoC if applicable, with limitations & expiry date)

·       Sea service testimonials

If you are uploading or emailing your passport or certificates, please only send ATTESTED COPIES. Certificates and your passport can be attested in one of the following ways:

·       By bringing the originals to the PYA office

·       By bringing the originals to one of the PYA Regional Offices

·       By your captain (who should provide his CoC number and sign and stamp the copies having seen your originals)

·       By the training school who issued them

Crew only have to submit testimonials or discharge certificates, there is no need for discharge book/seaman’s book.

We can verify testimonials from previous years; of course the more testimonials there are to verify the longer it may take.


As a rough guide, the verification process takes about ten working days from when we have the documents/testimonials processed (we require all the documents in order to start processing a file).  This however depends of course on how long the signatories of the testimonials take to answer our verification emails to them, if there are any problems with your sea time and on how many crew members are ahead of you in the queue.

The process regarding testimonials is the following: the Sea Service team review it in depth to see if everything is in order, the information is accurate or if there is anything missing. Having verified sea time on behalf of the MCA for over 23 years, we know that mistakes by the crew member are very common, so our experts will identify any problems before you apply for your NoE. After this, the signatory of the testimonial is contacted by email to verify the information on the testimonial. When they reply to confirm it, we write the sea time in the SRB and then it goes to the SRB Officer for review and to be stamped in. Providing there are no issues flagged by the SRB Officer, the member would then be contacted by email that the SRB is ready. This can either be sent to you, you can collect it or we are happy to hold it in the office for you.


In addition to the professional sea service verification provided, PYA members also benefit from the following:

Training Record Book – if you are working towards your OOW and require an MCA Training Record Book, you can get one free of charge when you join the PYA (usually €30). The PYA will also provide you with advice on how to complete it.

Yacht Rating Certificate – if you need a Yacht Rating Certificate at the time of joining (as a Full member only), the PYA will do this for you free of charge (usually €80)

Information – The PYA sends regular news updates to its members, providing accurate, up to date and impartial information on the most important issues in yachting.

Advice – The PYA helps out its members on all sorts of issues, from non-payment of wages to unfair dismissal, regulatory queries to on-board problems and much more. With over 20 elected council members with a wealth of combined yachting experience, the PYA is here to support you at every stage of your career.

Careers guidance – The PYA can assist members looking to advance through their careers with help on certifications, qualifications and transitional arrangements.

Representation – The PYA is the only organisation committed to acting on behalf of professional yacht crew, ensuring that your voice is heard. It regularly seeks feedback from its members and take this to administration level to ensure that the future of the yachting industry reflects those who are actually working on-board.

Event invitations – Throughout the year, the PYA organises a range of extremely popular educational and social events. PYA members will always receive either free or discounted entry.

Special offers – PYA members benefit from a range of deals offered by its partners