Time Frame?


“I have taken all of my course and have the sea time. My training record book is complete. Its really important to me that I take my oral in the next 1 month so I am looking to get it done ASAP”

Firstly it is not possible to book an MCA oral exam without the original NOE. It will take the MCA approx 4 weeks to process the NOE application once they have all the required information. However please note, you don’t need to have done all the modules to apply for your OOW or M500 NOE.

If you have the sea time, your TRB and all the items listed in section 4a of the application form, then you can apply for your NOE.

MSF 4343

Send off for the NOE ASAP!

Once it is issued we then call up the exam centres and see which dates they have available and then we post the original NOE to the exam center to confirm the spot.

The normal lead-time for an exam is 3 months. I don’t know why it’s such a long time but it has been about 2-3 months since I did my first ticket about 15 years ago. So from date of application for the NOE you should plan for 3 months before sitting the actual exam.

Obviously cancelations do happen but not very often.

I do not take bookings until the NOE is issued, as some applications are delayed or rejected – plus you need time to study and focus. Once your NOE is issued we can then find an exam spot and match a prep course to the exam. I feel very strongly that you must do the exam within 2 weeks of seeing me ideally the next week if possible. It is so much information to try and retain. I appreciate that this is not very easy to pre plan with the logistics of a yacht but would prefer for you to pass first go!

So just to recap:

NOE processing time 4 weeks

Exam lead-time approx. 8-12 weeks

Hence from date of submission of the NOE plan for 3-4 months before you have the CoC.